Video Guides – OLD LAYOUT

Video Guides – OLD LAYOUT

Get help quickly with these short Video Guides.

How to create new Family Members

This is a short gudie to how you can create new Family Members in you Daysi Family App. It also describes how to create a Family Member who does not have an E-mail address.

Sådan ændre du billede for et Familiemedlem

Det billede der findes for familiemedlemmet kan ændres enten ved at tage et nye billede eller ved at bruge et billede der findes på telefonen i forvejen. 

General configuration of the Daysi App

There are a number of parameters that can be changed in relation to how you as a family want to use the Family App. Among other things it is. color on Family tasks and color on Special Appointment  can be changed and the holidays that are iported into the calendar can also be changed.

Create new Appointments

Creating new Appointments is of course one of the most important functions in the app. IN this Guide you can see how a new Appointment is created

Create your Family in the Daysi Family App 

Short Guide on how to create your Family in the Daysi Family App and the first Family Member in the App. This is the first task you need to do to get started with the App.